Professional Phone Greetings (Krithika)

Professional Phone Greetings (Krithika) | Musicians Available

This is Voice Sample of Krithika she is a Singer, Voice Over for Dubbing, Track Singing, Voice for Jingles, Corporate IVR & Commercial Vocal Projects.
VM Studio Chennai is a Perfect place for Voice
Recording, Track Mixing, IVR Recordings, Vocal Demo
CD, Dubbing, Voice over Project in all Language’s and
Karaoke Mixing… for more information please visit
for details mail us at


  1. Very nice and helpful information has been given in this article.Think Krithika is a good Professional voice over artists I like the way you explain the things. Keep posting. Thanks..

  2. As people have been using cellphones for quite some time now it seems like most people tend to overlook the fun that a simple voicemail greeting can bring. Most people will just use the standard answering message that comes with the phone and only some people are able to think of a personal funny greeting. See more professional phone greeting examples

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